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Sell Property in Sarafovo Bulgaria

January 15, 2016

 Are you looking to sell property in Sarafovo Bulgaria? Sarafovo is a beautiful resort situated on the Black Sea Coast, on the road between Burgas and Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach is Bulgaria’s biggest beach side resort and Burgas is one of the biggest towns in Bulgaria.

Sarafovo has a population of over 3000, including British and Irish expats. Sarafovo has always been popular with British, Irish and Russian home seekers who have wanted to buy an apartment in Sunny Beach, but were put off by the high asking price. Sarafovo is a quiet, tranquil and idyllic resort which is just as beautiful and offers better value for money.

Sarafovo had been actually a village formed just 85 years ago by Thracian refugees. It has since grown a lot and has some of the most beautiful homes you’ll see in Bulgaria. It is officially a quarter of Burgas, but is independent for all practical purposes.

Sarafovo is popular because of wide beaches, warm climate and the fact that it is so close to Sunny Beach. For British or Irish nationals who have a second home in Sarafovo, there’s a great potential for a high rental income to be made in Sarafovo during the peak tourist season which starts in October. That’s when the waters are warm and ideal for swimming and the Black Sea is on its best behaviour.

Sarafovo is heavily influenced by the Black Sea. In fact, life at Sarafovo is dictated by what happens at the Black Sea Coast. Summers are pleasant in Sarafovo because of the cool breeze coming from the Black Sea.


Generally, as we welcome 2016, the overseas property market in Bulgaria is getting noticed by more people around the world, especially by British buyers. The rise has been steady. The Bulgarian National Statistics Institute (NSI) said that property prices in Bulgaria rose by over 5 per cent in 2014. While the data for 2015 is not available as yet, we expect it to be even better.

What British and Irish buyers find appealing about Bulgaria is the laid back lifestyle, the vast, unspoiled Black Sea Coast, the beautiful countryside, the friendly little villages, opportunities for water sports and a lot more.

As of now, middle income Russians and Ukrainians are the most prominent foreign buyers in the overseas market at the Black Sea Coast. Sunny Beach, Nessebar and St. Vlas have all reported a huge increase in property prices, which is well over the average in the rest of Bulgaria. Sarafovo, being from the region – Black Sea Coast - has benefited from the rise in property prices as well.

Property prices of properties at the Black Sea Coast are only expected to increase further as more British and Irish families begin to relocate here. What’s most attractive about buying a house in Sarafovo is that you can get a nice apartment or home for as little as £10,000 – which is just incredible, given the high quality of life that you get here.  

There’s much to like about Sarafovo. It is situated in a perfect geographical location, and is an ecological wonder. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. There’s no pollution of any sort here, the environment is as clean as it gets, the infrastructure – roads, etc. is first rate and the properties are affordable. These are just some of the reasons why Sarafovo has always attracted overseas property seekers from across the world.