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  • Get a Cash Offer Today.
  • Put your Property in front of our database of Cash Buyers.
  • Quick Sales Process.
  • We can help you with legal process and currency exchange.

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Client Testimonials

Sell Overseas Property Fast Online

If you want to sell overseas property online then you have come to the right website.  We have a database of cash buyers who want to buy overseas property quickly.  

Our website is unique in that it attracts cash buyers.  A cash buyers is a buyer who has the finance in place to be able to buy property straight away and does not need to seek financial assistance.  This is a crucial difference because it means the chances of the sale completing increases significantly and it also means a guaranteed sale.  You also do not pay commission  

We have built up a large database of buyers who are waiting for the correct property to be added.  Our Cash buyers want to buy property from around the world and all types of property so if you have an apartment, a house, a plot of land, a villa or any kind of real estate that you would like to sell then tell us what it is and where it is and we can see if we have a cash buyer for you.

Once you contact us we can speak to you about the process of how we can help sell your overseas property fast online.  To summarise this we will create a bespoke advert for your property that will showcase your property in its best light and then show this to our cash buyer database.  


This will mean that the advert will go across the world to our complete network of agents and be shown on multiple websites.  If we have any offers we will inform you straight away.  We will continue to market this property until it sells as we have new cash buyers coming on each day.  


We can arrange inspection trips with your help if there is a requirement to do so.  This next stage is the negotiation stage and we can provide our advice and experience during this time.  


Once the price is agreed then we move on to the legal completion of the sale.  We can provide our legal partners at this stage and also the best currency exchange providers to make the most of your money.  

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and start receiving some cash offers today.